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Security Management

Security Management

Dogma possesses skills and certified personnel for the management of Security Management.

Security Management processes occupy an aspect of primary importance in the business realities of the whole world.

Security management indicates all the management activities for identifying, evaluating and analyzing risks that can cause damage within a company. The person who takes care of this job is normally called Security Manager or security manager.

Dogma has professionals certified according to the UNI 10459: 2017 standard, the standard that defines the professional requirements, knowledge and skills that the Security Manager must possess to ensure the overall management of the Security. We provide our customers with the skills and experience acquired to ensure adequate risk management.

  • We offer support services to the Security Function.

  • We develop, within the company organization, the most suitable Security Function to minimize the identified risks.

  • We carry out security management activities in outsourcing.

  • We perform Security Risk Assessment assessments on behalf of the relevant business departments.

Our intervention on the Security Management service aims at creating a Security Management System (SGS), to establish the basic principles that corporate procedures must follow to maintain the required standards, define roles and responsibilities, increase the Culture of Security, optimize the organizational structures for all aspects related to the safety of people, company assets, information and products.

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