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Commercial Investigations

Commercial Investigations

Investigations aimed at the real knowledge of the commercial, patrimonial and reputational situation of the applicant

The purpose of the commercial investigation is to acquire all those elements that are useful in relation to legal or physical persons, aimed at identifying critical issues and positive aspects of third parties. The main objective is to verify whether there are the conditions to develop planned projects, highlight the problems that may compromise the outcome and acquire useful information to manage the contractual negotiation in progress.


Some areas of interest:

  • Company structure and organization

  • Asset Investigation

  • Economic relations

  • Contentious

  • Intellectual property

  • Detrimental elements

  • Contractual relations

The position of the requested person/company is assessed through various sources and archives. The investigation is also carried out with direct verification according to the needs of the customer, such as the need to acquire pre-contractual information or for the execution of obligations arising from a contract of which the interested party is a member.

We guarantee a prompt and professional intervention to address even the most critical situations, in addition:

  • free preliminary consultation (both in case of acceptance or non-acceptance/ start of the assignment);

  • absolute confidentiality (including preliminary and informative interviews, even if there is no investigative task);

  • evidence that can be used in court (reports, documented evidence, videos and photos).

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