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Curriculum Vitae investigations

Curriculum Vitae investigations

The desire to present the skills and professional experience gained is a phenomenon that more and more often leads to illicit behaviors.

The phenomenon of CV forging

We note more frequently, due to the crisis that has interested our economy, the phenomenon concerning the manipulation of CV. The trend is growing. In fact, more and more often we find an overestimation of the real competences declared by the candidates. The search for personnel suited to the required roles has a strategic value for any organization. The damage of a wrong assumption is relevant in terms of image, allocated resources and "emotional" cost.


Suspicious signs

There are not always relevant indications of suspicion. "Professionals of the forgery" are able to support the data declared with such and qualified references to remove any suspicion of alteration of the information provided. A lot of news can be inserted deliberately by the candidates, on the most accredited social media just to overcome controls and to qualify in the most optimal way, even when they are not really suited to the role offered.



The survey on curricula is aimed at ascertaining the reliability of the information declared, including those made during the interview. Furthermore, the survey is also able to highlight the critical factors that can have a negative impact from an economic, image and reputation point of view. of the Customer.

A support is then offered to evaluate the candidate's suitability in the light of real professional experiences.

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