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Anti-counterfeiting investigations

Anti-counterfeiting investigations

Trademark counterfeiting is an illicit act. Investigations to protect trademarks and patents constitute our best practice and are consolidated by the experience gained and the results achieved.

Protection of trademarks and patents

Dogma helps protect the image and investments of its customers by providing information and evidence that can be used in court to protect trademarks and patents.

Intervention protocol provides an in-depth analysis of the illicit phenomenon and an assessment of the most appropriate operational and regulatory strategies to obtain evidence that can also be used in court.


Trademark and Patent Counterfeiting

The investigative activity in this case is aimed at the acquisition of evidence on counterfeiting of trademarks and patents.

The three fundamental crimes in this field are:

  • counterfeiting of the trademark pursuant to art. 473, c.p .;
  • trade in products with counterfeit trademark ex art. 474, c.p .;
  • trade of products with mendace brand ex art. 517, c.p .;
  • art. 514 of the Criminal Code which punishes anyone who, by selling or otherwise putting into circulation, on the domestic or foreign markets, industrial products with names, trademarks or distinctive signs counterfeited or altered causes damage to the national industry.

Some examples to protect trademarks and patents:

  • The counterfeiting of a brand or product, far from being an episodic and limited phenomenon, has taken the form of a systematic and pervasive practice that influences every sector of modern industry. The consequences are detrimental to the competitiveness of companies, the health of citizens and national economies.
  • The purpose of the investigative activities is to identify the production and distribution channel of the counterfeit product, the people involved and any connections with the Customer's sales network.
  • Internet monitoring, with semantic analysis technology including Asian and Arabic languages. The investigation is aimed at the search for parallel markets, counterfeit products, use of trademarks and unauthorized distinctive signs.
  • Analysis of the extent of counterfeiting, the use of unauthorized brands or distinctive signs and the study of the phenomenon of parallel markets.
  • Company due diligence for the evaluation of partners and stakeholders interested in participating in the official sales chain.
  • Mystery Shopping activity that allows anonymous detection and evaluation of the quality of services, compliance with procedures, the quality of products and the use of trademarks and distinctive signs in authorized ways.
  • Provision of our Operative Intervention Center (COI), to support the company organization and stakeholders, aimed at collecting reports, analysis of the phenomenon and investigative intervention.
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