Bug removals

Environmental clean-up and bugs removal. We are the first certified investigative agency specialized in detecting devices of interception. The activities are carried out directly by our qualified personnel to protect the integrity and privacy of our customers.


Bug removals

Environmental clean-up and bugs removal. We are the first certified investigative agency specialized in detecting devices of interception. The activities are carried out directly by our qualified personnel to protect the integrity and privacy of our customers.

The first certified investigative agency to search for devices for interception.

In the Environmental Remediation Division (T.I.S.P. System® by DOGMA - Private Investigations and Security) we are continuously engaged in professional training and acquisition of the most innovative technologies to protect the integrity of our customers.

We have obtained professional certifications for the detection of interception and information security devices at the Center for Technical Security Research Electronics International in Algood, TN, United States of America - the most prestigious global preparation center for government agencies and security companies accredited. 

The list or photographs of the tools used, the detailed description of our procedures and the modalities of intervention, are not publicly disclosed on purpose. In fact, we believe that this information is strategically significant and contributes to guaranteeing our customers the best results. The intervention protocol provides that during the activities of c.d. Environmental remediation from bugs there is, whenever possible, the constant presence of the Customer or his delegate. The T.I.S.P. team System® by DOGMA - Private Investigations and Security is available to examine, in a free and confidential way, the service and the most suitable investment for your needs.

Bugs removal: The T.I.S.P. System®

Dogma Investigation Agency - Private Investigations and Security, is the first company in Italy to codify and certify bugs removal. Dogma is the owner of the T.I.S.P. System® (TREATHS IDENTIFICATION and SECURITY PLAN), the innovative method that enables the assessment of threats and safety criticalities present in the examined places. The T.I.S.P. method System® is the result of twenty years of experience in the field of electronic countermeasures and detection of bugs (such as bedbugs).

The spread of listening devices (bugs), even from a few hundred euros and freely purchased on the Internet, has for years become a threat to the confidentiality of decisions taken at every level. The activities of industrial espionage, commercial espionage or private espionage are growing in number and quality. DOGMA is continuously engaged in professional training and in acquiring the most innovative technologies suitable to protect the integrity of its Customers. The research activity of audio / video / data interception systems is associated with the safety criticality analysis procedure.

  • Instrumental and visual clean-up: the instrumental clean-up is always implemented by a careful physical research of any illicit interception systems, which could also be in a state of inactivity.
  • Report and testimony in court: following the environmental clean-up intervention, a detailed report is released of the findings made and the outcome found. The same can be presented to assert or to defend a right in court.
  • Forensic of the interception instruments: in case the clean-up has a positive result, the detected fixtures are examined in order to acquire all the useful information to establish from whom, when and how they were placed.


When to request an Environmental clean-up: indices of suspicion

The experience allows us to highlight some of the many 'suspect indices' that could signal the successful activation of an interception, namely:

  • strangers are aware of the movements and commitments of the person concerned;
  • conversations or information deemed confidential are reported by people who should not be aware of it;
  • unusual sounds and noises or volume changes on the telephone line were noted;
  • the TV system or the audio system are subject to strange interference;
  • no signs of unauthorized entry have been found in the premises of the domicile or where the professional activity is carried out;
  • unexpectedly, a piece of furniture has been given or has appeared in the environment;
  • unexpectedly, you have been given, changed, or borrowed a cell phone;
  • inexplicable variations in the physical structure of the rooms were noted (moving furniture, electric plates, frames, frames, tiles, ceiling panels, etc.);
  • suspicious vehicles were frequently parked near sensitive areas;
  • you received unscheduled visits from alleged maintainers, couriers, or others;


What to do if you suspect an interception?

If you suspect you are subjected to an illegal check using electronic interception devices, we suggest you contact Dogma Investigation Agency or another qualified center. Do not call from places where you assume there may be an interception activity.


List of Environmental Clean-up Services

Environmental clean-up *: research and detection of analog, digital or GSM bugs, micro-cameras, wireless systems, laser or infrared systems.

Telephone clean-up *: checks on fax lines, and internet or intranet connection lines. Search and detection of spy-phone software or hardware in mobile phones.

Electronic clean-up *: search for G.P.S. that allow to know in real time or in deferred the exact geographical position of a mobile means using a normal mobile phone and / or any computer connected to the internet or to the same location. They are concealable on the outside and inside the vehicle. In case of internal installation they can also be used as environmental bugs to hear conversations made on board the vehicle.

Mobile Scanning (Scanning Cell): scan the mobile phone to detect the presence of invisible programs for the unlawful interception of voice and / or data communications (voice, sms, mms, list of calls, calls or receipts).

Personal computer scan (Scanning Pc): scan the personal computer to detect the presence of invisible programs for the unlawful interception of the activity performed on your system (key loggers - record everything that is typed on the keyboard, password, mail, documents, etc., then the data are sent to the person who controls us - web traffic, applications used, etc.).

Advice on counter-measures and safety activities: tools and procedures are established to guarantee the highest level of safety.


* The operation c.d. environmental clean-up is carried out by our internal staff. The equipment and the specialized preparation are continually adapted to the technological evolution, the absolute confidentiality.

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