Cell recoveries

We search for spy software in mobile phones (smartphones), so-called "spy phone" that are able to transmit to a third party various information concerning the use of mobile phones, such as phone calls, messages, geographical location, environmental listening, etc. The outcome of the investigation can be used in court.


Cell recoveries

We search for spy software in mobile phones (smartphones), so-called "spy phone" that are able to transmit to a third party various information concerning the use of mobile phones, such as phone calls, messages, geographical location, environmental listening, etc. The outcome of the investigation can be used in court.

Spy software on phone: Spy phone

Spy phone refers to a spy software that has been installed on a mobile phone and that is able to transmit to a third party all information related to the use of the mobile phone, including messages, phone calls and the call list. The phenomenon is more widespread than you can imagine. Indeed, you just have to type on google "spy phone sale" to view hundreds of links with companies that distribute this type of products.

With these programs, many devices can turn into a spy cell phone, which allows you to gain complete control over the person to be monitored. Conversations, movements, SMS messages: a complete espionage package, all in one program.

A cell phone received as a gift, a reprogramming of the phone, its replacement, or the delivery of a modified telephone may give other people access to your mobile data and the ability to listen to all conversations from anywhere. In these cases, you could proceed with a mobile reclamation.

These devices can become a dangerous tool, to collect information illegally. The use of Spy Phone Software violates the Articles 615 bis and 617 bis of the Penal Code, as introduced by the law n. 98 of 08/04/1974, which regulate the right to privacy and to private communications and also the law 675 of 31/12/1996, which regulate the collection of personal data and the right to privacy.


What does a spy cellular do?

The possibilities of espionage and telephone interception of these spy software are surprisingly invasive. Here are some examples:

  • It warns the person who is interested in monitoring the target as soon as the phone is engaged in a conversation (both incoming and outgoing), sending a "hidden" SMS to the number that controls the operation of the spy software. This procedure allows the person to listen in direct each conversation, also displaying the number of all the participants;
  • the phone under control can turn into a real GPS locator. With a request made, you receive a series of information regarding the GPS position of the mobile phone, with latitude and longitude, the GSM network used and the identifier of the "cell" in which it is located. In this way, one can have full control over the activities of the person under surveillance, not only by listening to his or her conversations, but also by knowing where these conversations take place;
  • the spy cellular may transmit a copy of all text messages sent and received. The copies sent will not be saved in the historical archive of the spy cell, so that the user does not have the possibility to detect unusual activities on his device;
  • the most invasive function is the one that allows the Spy Phone to function as a real bug, allowing you to listen not only to the conversations made by the phone, but also and especially those that take place "around" it. In fact, while the phone is on standby, or with appropriate changes, even when it is off, it can still detect (and transmit) the sounds and conversations that take place nearby.


How to discover whether the cell is under control?

Do you want to know if someone has installed a program to intercept your mobile device and proceed in this case with a cell phone check? 

Here are some clues: 

  • Someone recently asked you to borrow your mobile phone to make a quick call or to quickly download a ringtone or something like a game? In 99.9% of cases, to be able to install the Spy Phone Software, the person (offender) must have direct physical access to the mobile phone. 
  • Does the battery run out quickly? Its duration all of a sudden is much shorter than usual? Depending on the type of spyware program, the program could consume a substantial amount of battery running out faster. 
  • The credit charged on the mobile phone lately runs out without it being used assiduously? 
  • Does the bill increase and you do not remember having sent a considerable number of messages that you have to spend an extremely high amount? 
  • Does the mobile 'turn on' even though there is no call? Some types of Spy Software have remote monitoring functions and when your phone lights up but does not ring, it may happen that someone is trying to listen through the controlled cell phone. 
  • your phone emits unusual sounds or noises during the call? Very often that happens when the device is used to intercept a direct call. 

In conclusion, Spy Phone Software programs should not be underestimated. The good news though is that the Spy Phone Software can be easily removed and can be produced with a cell phone clean-up.


How to clean-up a spied cellular

If you think you have a Spy Phone installed on your mobile phone, we suggest you to proceed with a mobile clean-up and follow these tips:

  • if you want to keep your mobile phone, take it to a service center and have it reformatted immediately;
  • if you want to change your phone, to be sure not to fall again as a victim of interception, buy an old model which does not allow, due to its poor tech features, the installation of any advanced software;
  • if you want to obtain evidence to find more details about the person who has unlawfully violated your right to confidentiality of communications (offender) and consequently denounce him or her, make a request to conduct a forensic examination on the terminal at a qualified center.

The T.I.S.P. staff System® (TREATHS IDENTIFICATION and SECURITY PLAN) of the Investigative Group® (Private Investigations and Security) has the skills to carry out this type of analysis and to obtain reliable evidence to be used in court.

Contact us to receive a free and confidential advice and a cost estimate of a mobile reclamation, or, use the form on the page to send us a request.

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