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Mistery Shopping

Mistery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a system for checking customer satisfaction, monitoring the application of company directives and the quality of services offered, through expert Mystery Clients. Try our Service Check according to the law.

Mistery Shopping

Mistery Shopping is an activity mainly used in Franchising structured companies, or within secondary offices of a company. In the first case, for example, it is implemented by the Affiliating company (Franchisor) to verify that the Affiliate (franchisee) respects and applies corporate procedures. In particular, it is in the interest of the Affiliating company:

  • to monitor that the fitting used at the affiliated point of sale is in compliance with the provisions of the parent company;
  • to check the so-called KPI (Key Performance Indicator) indices that monitor the progress of a business process;
  • to verify that the fiscal provisions are respected;
  • to check that the affiliate point of sale does not engage in unfair competition through the diversion of customers.

The control system in question is based on a "hidden" analysis that allows to closely monitor personnel and all the figures that act as an intermediary between the company and the end user.

The activity is carried out by specialized personnel, Mistery Client (Mysterious Customer) or Mistery Shopper who are perceived as a normal customer, making sure that the attitude and attentions addressed to them, are the same that the staff would address to anyone.


Our Mistery Shopping service

Through our Service check, it is possible to evaluate both the sales point and the behavior of the personnel involved, highlighting any critical issues.

According to the franchisor's needs and according to the features of the case, the Mystery Shopping activity can be carried out in person with access to the specific place, on the phone, online and interviewing other customers.

Furthermore, Dogma S.r.l. provides the staff best suited to achieving the intended purpose and the activity of mystery shopper is structured and organized on the basis of the needs shown by the customer. In fact, precise behavioral instructions are given, which the Mystery Customer must follow through access, formulating a document containing any specific questions to be submitted and indicating the various aspects to be taken into account during the activity.

For completeness, we point out that the activity of Mistery Shopping falls within the category of investigations, research and collection of information for which it is necessary to possess a prefectural license as per art. 134 T.U.L.P.S.

Dogma S.r.l. performs the activity in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and is equipped with the necessary license.


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