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Profiling of Anonymous Letters' Authors

Profiling of Anonymous Letters' Authors

Anonymous Letters: how to trace the sender through a Psychological analysis of the Anonymous Letters/Messages

The activity carried out on Anonymous Letters consists in the analysis and evaluation of written texts (both by hand and on computer) in order to detect elements useful for identifying the offender.

The activity allows the production of the writer’s profile (unknown subject) who carries out persecutory actions (sending anonymous letters) as well as providing predictions on:

  • Educational level;
  • Socio-cultural level;
  • Analysis of the writer's cognitive level and emotional state by evaluating the terminology and graphic style (if it is handwritten) used;
  • Significant probability regarding the writer's gender;
  • Hypothesis on the possible motivations of the writer;
  • Objective risk probability for the recipient of the letter.

This activity therefore has the purpose of restricting the possible circle of people and identifying the sender more easily.

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