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Investigation as the ability to imagine scenarios, possibilities and complications.

Investigations, Intelligence, Security and method

The services we offer require not only a complex and inter-disciplinary approach, but they also demand method, concreteness and coherence. We work and support multinational companies, SMEs, professionals and privates to which we dedicate the same commitment and promptness at each phase of our intervention. We take care of every technical and legal aspect, we evaluate the full implications and we work directly with our Clients’ legal or professional advisor.

All Investigative Projects are developed together with our Clients, must meet the goals, and be optimized in accordance to the available economic investment. Each project plan contains all the information concerning the activity that will be performed by our experts and/or by our private investigators together with the detailed amount of money needed in order to carry out the work. The procedures for the implementation and execution of the services are carried out with the utmost transparency, confidentiality and commonality as provided by our Client Service Charter approved by the Association of Consumers CODACONS and by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications for the quality and safety management of processed information.

Our investigative method has been developed over the years and successfully tested in the management of all the assignments received.

The investigative protocol provides for:

free preliminary meeting

assessment and collection of information relating to the investigation


analysis of the information acquired before starting the operative phase

draft of the Investigative Project describing the activities to be carried out and the estimate of the monetary resources needed to complete the project


start of the investigations

collection of evidence


draft of an investigative report which may be used in Court

Act and react are not our only criteria, alongside of them we respect, participate and share the Client’s problems.

We guarantee:

  • to listen carefully;
  • an absolute confidentiality at every stage of the relationship;
  • to gather evidence that can represent judicial proof (reports, documentary evidence, films and photos);
  • a free preliminary meeting, even in case there is no assignment;
  • appropriate skills;
  • full assistance;
  • a professional relationship based on transparency;
  • all, in compliance with applicable rules.

Professionalism, technical means and tools are constantly updated in order to provide the most appropriate support for any situation, ensuring the possibility to obtain evidence admissible in a Court of Law.

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