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Civil disputes Inquiries

Civil disputes Inquiries

In civil matters, the burden of proof lies with the parties, so they provide the court with sufficient evidence to establish the facts.

The burden of proof is a general legal principle according to which anyone who wants to prove the existence of a fact has the obligation to provide evidence for the existence of the fact itself. This rule is provided for by article 2697 of the Civil Code, according to which anyone who asks for the assessment of a right must provide evidence for what he says, with the consequent responsibility of any defect or failure of that trial.

DOGMA carries out all those investigative activities suitable to collect evidence to be used in court in order to assert its own right against the counterparty (s).

The civil trial is in fact the process by which a judge is usually invested with the task of resolving a dispute arising between two or more private subjects or between them and a public body in relation to a private relationship.

To this end, DOGMA can support the applicant in the search for the necessary evidence to demonstrate any kind of right claimed, preparing, at the end of the activity, a special report that can be produced in court.

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