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Credit Recovery Investigations

Credit Recovery Investigations

Investigation in support of law firms or legal functions.

With reference to credit recovery procedures, we acquire all the elements, useful for assessing the assets of a subject (natural or legal person) and identify what can be attacked: property, furniture or loans to third parties.

The investigation for credit recovery, carried out with the skills of the DOGMA Investigation Group, has a protocol that involves a progressive research.

Some examples of the areas of interest:

  • Debtor Tracing
  • Tracing of the work position, even unofficial
  • Tracing of credits from third parties
  • Search for reports of real estate on a national level, analysis of consistency, burdens and status
  • Deepening reports on mobile goods registered at national level
  • Tracing of orders or tenders referable to the debtor (construction sites, provision of services, contracts, etc.)
  • Analysis of financial statements for the purpose of identifying assets or economic interests
  • Verify shares held in companies
  • Verification of corporate positions held in companies
  • Verification of protests and insolvency procedures
  • Reporting of vehicle headers (work vehicles, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, etc.)
  • Bank reports *


* the survey is conducted in compliance with current regulations, using public sources for legal entities and with the help of dynamic observation for individuals, the outcome of the investigation can be produced in court.

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