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    Investigative Agency based in Milano, Torino, Roma, London and New York, responds in a confidential and effective manner to any request for control, information and protection.

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  • Investigations for Law Firms

    Dogma has gained proven experience in carrying out investigations for lawyers and law firms, aimed at finding evidence and information to be used in court.

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  • Private Investigations

    Dogma specializes in investigations for the protection of private citizens and families, aimed at collecting information and evidence that can also be used in court. Each assignment is handled with the utmost delicacy by a staff of highly qualified experts.

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Dogma Investigative Agency

Dogma Investigative Agency, for over 20 years has confirmed itself as a leader in Investigations for Individuals and for Companies in Italy and abroad.

Dogma S.p.A. is the Partner for Knowledge. We collaborate with government agencies, companies and individuals to protect their rights and identify the offenses they have suffered, providing a team of highly qualified professionals for all clients who decide to make use of a private investigator.

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20+Years of activity

5500+Successful Cases



Investigative services

A short excerpt from our investigative services

Alimony Checks

The investigations focused on the Alimony Check review, on which we have acquired significant experience, aimed at the collection of evidence that show the real assets owned by the ex-spouse. We produce a report that can be used in court, that contains all the relevant documents and information.

Marital Infidelity and Betrayal Investigations

The investigation into marital infidelity is activated to ascertain the violation of the loyalty obligation: the evidence collected can be used in court. The report produced by the investigative agency can be used in any separation or divorce dispute.

Environmental clean-up and bugs removal

First certified investigative agency for the search of devices suitable for interception and owner of the T.I.S.P. System® that allows to know threats and security issues in the examined places. The activities are carried out by qualified personnel to protect clients’ privacy.

Dismissal for just cause investigations

The investigations for dismissal for just cause are aimed at confirming an interruption of the relationship through certain evidence that can be used in court. The employer can withdraw from the employment relationship when there is a just cause so serious that it does not allow its continuation.

Defensive Investigations

The term defensive investigations refers to all investigative activities carried out by the defender to search for evidence in favor of his client as established by the code of criminal procedure. The authorized private investigator assists the defender in the context of defensive investigations.

Unfair competition

We conduct investigations aimed at ascertain behaviours that can configure as acts of unfair competition. The enquiries involve a series of instruments able to effectively gather all the evidence of the offence suffered by the Client and assess the unlawful Unfair competition.

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Operational offices

Dogma Investigation Agency is based in Italy in Milan, Rome and Turin and works directly with its private investigators nationally and internationally to promptly respond to the needs of its clients.

The foreign offices are in London and New York and through a large network of collaborators can carry out investigations anywhere in the world.

Professionalism, technical means and tools are constantly updated to provide the most suitable support in every situation and guarantee concrete results and evidence that can be used in court.

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We are the first Agency to have developed a digital platform that allows you to activate online an investigation in a simple and confidential way, giving the customer the ability to act from anywhere.

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