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Corporate Investigations

Partners for a better understanding. We support you in decision-making processes.
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Private Investigations

We assist you in personal choices and family decisions.
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Dogma Investigative Agency

Dogma Investigative Agency, for over 18 years has confirmed itself as a leader in Investigations for Individuals and for Companies in Italy and abroad.

Dogma S.p.A. is the Partner for Knowledge. We collaborate with government agencies, companies and individuals to protect their rights and identify the offenses they have suffered, providing a team of highly qualified professionals for all clients who decide to make use of a private investigator.
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who we are

Operational offices

Dogma Investigation Agency is based in Italy in Milan, Rome and Turin and works directly with its private investigators nationally and internationally to promptly respond to the needs of its clients. The foreign offices are in London and New York and through a large network of collaborators can carry out investigations anywhere in the world.

Professionalism, technical means and tools are constantly updated to provide the most suitable support in every situation and guarantee concrete results and evidence that can be used in court.

Activate Investigation Now

We are the first Agency to have developed a digital platform that allows you to activate online an investigation in a simple and confidential way, giving the customer the ability to act from anywhere. how to activate service

at the Client’s Service

In an increasingly digitalized environment, Dogma S.p.A. responds accordingly to the latest challenges in the investigations, intelligence and security sector, thanks to highly qualified and technologically advanced professionals and private investigators.

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A private investigator for each solution

For each field of investigation we employ the best professional investigators and expert technical consultants. We collaborate with law firms helping them to find evidence and information to be used in court, we operate in sensitive private sectors such as marital infidelity and minor control, we protect companies from incorrect employee behavior, unfair competition, industrial espionage, installation of bugs and we are structured to provide support on corporate security.

We know how to work on your biggest concerns. Regarding a personal or professional problem, our Method, the result of scientific preparation, operational and legal knowledge, allows us to offer you the utmost care and highest confidentiality.

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