Dogma announces a change in its legal form

Dogma confirms its growth trend seen over the last 15 years and announces its conversion from a limited liability company into a public limited company


Dogma announces a change in its legal form

Dogma confirms its growth trend seen over the last 15 years and announces its conversion from a limited liability company into a public limited company

Dogma is a private Investigative Agency, which was founded in 2004 and whose offices are located in Turin, Milan and Rome. It also holds two representative offices abroad and a large network of collaborators to support investigative actions anywhere in the world.

International, transparent and multidisciplinary: these are the pillars on which Dogma’s success is based. Thus, its recent conversion into a public limited company is the natural evolution of a growth process that has brought significant results and constitutes a fundamental step forward for the company, consistent with the development plan scheduled for the coming years.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” (Michael Jordan). It is with our multifaced staff, their families and our customers that we face, share and win important challenges. We are happy to announce this important step and confirm our internationalization and growth strategy” declares Dimitri Russo, Director of Dogma.

The conversion into a public limited company also means an injection of fresh capital, to promote new projects and an even greater transparency in our economic profile. “An ambitious step, which testifies the constant tendency to innovation that characterizes our approach".

Corporate investigations

The investigation and security sector has experienced a real revolution in recent years. On the one hand, in 2010 a new legislation was introduced, prescribing the minimum requirements for professionalism and quality in the investigative sector, tightening access and promoting those who, like Dogma, had a solid organization behind them.

On the other hand, the market has changed: Dogma is increasingly collaborating with companies, which demand corporate investigations and market analysis, to ascertain the commission of illegal acts, acts of unfair competition and infringement of intellectual property.

For this type of clients, Dogma has acquired and put in practice new skills and competencies. After being the first agency to set up an Investigative Psychology Division internally, it has also launched an Intelligence Division, which is competent in performing detailed reputational due diligence, that is, analysis of a company's background and reputation, in order to determine the advisability of mergers, acquisitions or business relationships.

Investigations accessible with “a click”

Another achievement is the possibility to activate an investigation online in just a few clicks. In particular, a few months ago, Dogma launched a digital platform, which allows costumers to give and sign an investigative mandate in real time, from anywhere in the world. A dedicated operator follows the customer at all stages of the request, including the process of identifying the identity of the requestor and creating his or her digital signature, which guarantees privacy and maximum security.


Global perspective, personal approach

This year has also witnessed the launch and opening of two representative offices, one in London, precisely in Canary Wharf, its new financial heart, and one in New York.

However, the international perspective always goes hand in hand with the personalization of services. Dogma always applies an "Investigative Method", based on concreteness and consistency, which always require respect, careful listening, a professional relationship based on trust and transparency and the ability to understand and share the client’s problems.

For this reason, the quality of the services rendered and the security of the information processed are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, whereas our security staff is certified by UNI 10459: 2017, the standard that defines the management criteria for corporate security.

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