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Travel Security

Travel Security

We are able to give global support in the management of Travel Security.

Travel Security is a primary activity for companies that have personnel employed abroad.

The notion of Travel Security includes all aspects that a company must daily consider and deal with, regarding the safety management system of the traveling employees.

In our legal system, there is a general duty of protection for the employer towards his employees, according to which natural persons and organizations have legal obligations that require them to act with prudence and vigilance towards others, to avoid any risk and predictable damage.

Furthermore, the Legislative Decree 81/2008, which regulates safety at work, requires that the employer must ensure that each worker receives adequate information and that "ensures that each worker receives adequate and adequate training [...] with particular reference to: concepts of risk, damage, prevention, protection, organization of business [...] prevention risks related to the tasks and possible damage and the consequent prevention and protection measures and procedures "(Art. 36-37). He/she is called upon to create a process aimed both at informing and training his/her employees.

The discipline on Travel Security moves from the predictability of the risk, which has to be understood as the possibility that an employee, who travels in foreign countries for the performance of his duties, may suffer damage.

The risks in which the latter can face are multiple and determined by different situations such as, for example, terrorism, wars, political events, crime rate, natural events and diseases.

In order to be able to adopt the most appropriate and effective safety and prevention measures, it will be necessary to adopt a country risk assessment sheet, containing all the information relating to the most recurring risks in the country of interest and any other useful information on the topic, such as a selection of hotels in which it is advisable to stay, certified air carriers, the indication of precautionary rules of conduct, the possible need for assignment of escort staff, the provision of communication and tracking systems, the use of protected vehicles and the rules fundamental principles of safe driving.

Dogma is able to carry out the most appropriate risk analysis to inform the traveling staff, moreover, we are equipped with an organization able to support the Customer in the global management of the Travel Security.

Dogma, thanks to the experience and training in the field of corporate security, can provide the information and tools necessary to organize and prevent critical events for traveling company personnel.

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