Corporate Fraud: Types, statistical data and Prevention

Find out how to protect your company from corporate frauds with the adoption of prevention systems, risk identification and timely intervention

Investigative Psychology – Interview with the Experts

We talk about Investigative Psychology with Professor Angelo Zappalà, director of the Investigative Psychology Division, and Chiara Cemmi, psychologist of the Division.

Investigative Due Diligence

The Investigative Due Diligence – also referred to as IDD – is an investigative analysis, developed to offer all the necessary information that the client need: for instance in case of an acquisition, a fusion or unlawful competition.

Post Covid-19 companies: new scenarios, risks and solutions

What risks do we see for businesses in the post-Covid-19 era? Our solutions for securing companies against the risk of corruption.

The video of Dogma Investigative Agency Italy

We tell what we do, our values and the passion that we put in our mission.

Stalking Risk Profile: : scientific instruments and new research

The research done by psychologist Chiara Cemmi, member of Dogma’s Investigative Psychology Division, brings in Italy new tools such as the Stalking Risk Profile, with the aim of making stalking a more readable and less generalized phenomenon, in support of legal and clinical work.

What is “Unfair Competition” and how companies can protect themselves

Discover what’s an Unfair Competition, the different types of acts constituting an Unfair Competition and the solutions to counteract them.

Press release Dogma – Coronavirus

Dogma S.p.A. in this particularly difficult moment for Italy, remains alongside its clients to guarantee the regular assistance and online consultancy through all the technological tools available: chat, email and toll-free telephone number.

Cyber Security for Business in the era of digital espionage

Cyber security is necessary to efficiently operate your business but it’s also critical for protecting your information. It play a significant role in making sure your company is protected.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence: what it is, how it works, the objectives and the various types of investigation process

OSINT: a fundamental tool for investigations

L’OSINT, acronym for Open Source INTelligence, is also a useful discipline for investigative agencies. Dogma has instituted a division dedicated to the intelligence, that it offers a very important support to all the conducted investigations.

Dogma among the finalists of the Investigation & Forensic Awards 2019

Dogma S.p.A. is among the finalists of Investigation & Forensic Awards 2019, the National Contest that researches and rewards the excellence of all professions in the field of private investigation and forensic science.

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