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Press release Coronavirus


Press release Dogma – Coronavirus

Dogma S.p.A. in this particularly difficult moment for Italy, remains alongside its clients to guarantee the regular assistance and online consultancy through all the technological tools available: chat, email and toll-free telephone number.

Dogma S.p.A. confirms that, in this particularly difficult moment for our country, it remains at the side of its clients to guarantee the regular assistance and consultancy service it has always provided.

We know that many of you are unable to move or are working at home. And it is not yet clear how long this situation will last. In the current health emergency, it is important to ensure the continuation of our service and the flexible management of the activity in order to protect our clients and the entire economy of our country.

We also inform that for some of the staff, teleworking and smart working plans will be activated and that in order to facilitate contacts, we have enhanced all digital communication systems.

In its offices in Turin, Milan and Rome, the company has decided to promptly adopt the provisions of the Decree on urgent containment measures for the Coronavirus, with the awareness of contributing responsibly to resolve the current situation.

Through the use of advanced cloud computing and webinar systems, Dogma guarantees the full operation of the offices through the smart working system, reducing the presence of its collaborators in the offices to the needs that cannot be otherwise managed.

For anyone wishing to receive advice or activate investigation activities, Dogma is able to manage these requests through the online assistance system, guaranteeing a series of remote activities capable of satisfying all contractual operations without the physical contact between the Agency’s clients and the staff.

Dogma is the first investigative agency in the world and has developed a digital platform that allows to activate an investigation online in a simple and confidential way, giving the client the opportunity to act from wherever he is, without having to come at the headquarters of the Agency.

All technological tools are implemented to put the client in optimal conditions to activate a service: an operator chatting through the web platform, email, toll-free telephone number.

We are all called to deal with this emergency through collaboration and the transfer of socially responsible updates. At Dogma, we feel the duty to protect both our collaborators and our clients, offering everyone to return to a normal life as quickly as possible.

You can also activate your online investigation easily, securely and from anywhere. Find out how on the dedicated website.

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