Compliance with Law


Compliance with Law

For our customers, we ascertain compliance with rules, procedures and standards.

We are specialized in the field of security and privacy. The aim is to avoid incurring penalties, financial losses, legal disputes and reputational damages, as a result of violations of laws, regulations or self-regulation.

In this field, it is always recommendable to give an expert third party the role to identify the applicable rules, to assess the impact on company processes and operational and IT procedures, to propose the necessary adjustments (organizational and / or procedural), and subsequently to verify the adequacy of the proposed solutions (so-called follow-up).

Our regulatory compliance services:

Investigation Agency DOGMA S.p.A.
Investigation Agency Milan
Via Cino del Duca, 5
20122 - Milan
Ph. +39 02 76281415
Fax +39 02 76391517
Investigation Agency Turin
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 92
10121 - Turin
Ph. +39 011 5617504
Fax +39 011 531117
Investigation Agency Rome
Via G. Gioacchino Belli, 39
00193 - Rome
Ph. +39 06 89871789
Investigation Agency London
Level 33, 25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E15 5LB nb
Ph. +44 2 039608665
Investigation Agency New York
3rd and 4th Floors,
57 West 57th Street - Manhattan
New York 10019 USA
Ph. +1 646 416 7897
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