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Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

The purpose of Forensic Investigations is the recovery and analysis of data that are present on digital devices, to be used as evidence in court. The forensic computer science or digital forensics has acquired an important role, not only in the presence of computer crimes, but also in the civil, commercial, fiscal or labor law fields.

Forensic Investigations

Digital data are the most precious asset and the most strategic resource of any private or public company. Forensic investigations are the right solution to be able to identify data theft, industrial espionage, unauthorized access to IT systems and to respond to all potential legal disputes.

Computer forensics, or digital forensics, is responsible for identifying, storing, retrieving, analyzing and presenting computer data in order to produce a report on the evidence acquired useful in civil and criminal proceedings.

The objective of the process, during the execution of Forensic Investigations, is to preserve any evidence in its most original form and to collect, identify and validate digital information in order to reconstruct past events.

We support Computer Investigations with the experience and tools acquired in traditional surveys, carrying out digital investigations on all computer supports (smartphones, personal computers, servers, tablets, etc.), to provide a computerized expertise that has as main objective to preserve the evidence, ensuring the tracking of each activity.

In this case we speak of Digital Forensic Competency with the purpose of presenting valid evidence in civil and criminal proceedings.


The most common Forensic investigations concern:

  • unauthorized access to IT systems;
  • unauthorized access to e-mail systems;
  • corporate data theft
  • personal data theft
  • scams with computer systems
  • search for spy software (trojan, spyphone, keylogger, spyware, etc.)
  • deleted data recovery, data acquisition (deleted messages, deleted documents, etc.)
  • verification of modified digital documents.


Forensic Computer Surveys

Dogma is specialized in the field of forensic IT investigations. The services offered are intended for individuals, law firms and all companies that need to recover and analyze data on digital storage devices. Our forensic informatics investigations are carried out by specialized technicians and the data recovered in the IT investigations can be used in court.

In 2017 Dogma won the "Ethical Private Investigation Prize", at the Investigation & Forensic Awards, the national contest that researches and rewards the excellence of all the professionals working in the field of forensic investigations:

for "having worked as an investigator with a strong focus on deontological profiles, knowing how to interpret the role of investigator in a professional and modern way".

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