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Hereditary Axis Investigations

Hereditary Axis Investigations

In matters of succession due to death, the investigation of the Hereditary Axis allows the applicant to determine the assets that are part of it and to protect its integrity.

Hereditary Axis: definition

The hereditary axis, also called the hereditary mass, indicates the set of assets, rights and obligations already belonging to the deceased person, which fall into the succession of those entitled.

It can be composed by:

  • real estate (buildings and land);
  • companies

The exact determination of the hereditary axis is of primary importance, given that the assets identified will then be the object of the hereditary division.

Especially in the event of the death of subjects with large assets, it may be difficult to identify the various assets, making more detailed research necessary to determine exactly all real estate assets and not property of de cuius.

Furthermore, a precise identification may be necessary in order to preserve its integrity, often compromised, pending acceptance, by the unequal use of inheritance goods that certain co-heirs could make of them.


Hereditary Axis - Defunct person bank survey

DOGMA S.r.l. can trace the components of the inheritance axis through:

  • Research and analysis at the registers of the chamber of commerce.
  • Bank investigation of the deceased person: bank reports *:
  • Search for reports of real estate on a national level, analysis of consistency, burdens and status
  • Deepening reports on mobile goods registered at national level
  • Finding vehicle headers (work vehicles, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, etc.)

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* the survey is carried out in compliance with current regulations, using public sources

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