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Anti Stalking Investigations

Anti Stalking Investigations – Threat Assessment

In case of anti-stalking investigations, the risk is assessed in relation to the possible occurrence of certain events.

Dogma performs anti-stalking investigations in order to identify and ascertain repetitive behaviours that have an intrusive and persecutory nature.

In case of stalking crimes, one of the methods used is the Threat Assessment which allows to obtain a profile of the offender that can be used by the victim both as a prevention, and therefore to avoid of violent repercussions, and as a planning of the most effective behavioral strategies to be adopted for breaking the pathogenic link established with the stalker.

In anti-stalking investigations, we draw a profile of the person of interest, based on:

  • the personal data and on the known information of the stalker, available from open sources;
  • on the relationship between the victim and the stalker;
  • on the analysis of the acts perpetrated against the victim.

In this way it will be possible to evaluate both the type of stalker (and therefore consider which behavior is most suitable to implement), as well as the possible offensive capacity and the level of risk of violent acts by the stalkers themselves.

The activity is often supported by the collection of irrefutable evidence of the acts of harassment, done by checking the movements of the stalker that constitute the harassment activity (stalking, threats and similar actions). These evidences are of great importance in the case of a legal complaint and are supportive of the activity of the Judicial Authority.

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