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DOGMA Investigative Group

DOGMA Investigative Group

Private Investigative Agency, reality asks questions, we search for answers.

Reliable, Reserved, Certified

DOGMA Investigative Agency, Private Investigations, Intelligence and Security, based in Milano, Torino, Roma, London and New York,  responds in a confidential and effective manner to any request for control, information and protection.

The Agency was founded in 2004 by professionals who have 20 years of experience in intelligence & financial investigations and has helped governmental entities, companies and individuals to reduce their exposure to risk and to identify the relevant offence.

Reality raises many questions, we seek for the answers.

During their life, companies, professionals or private citizens can experience moments when learning the truth becomes essential. That is why Investigative Group DOGMA - Private Investigations and Security adopts an accurate and specialized case-by-case approach that is the result of scientific training, and a sound operational and legal knowledge. The method we apply allows us to always identify and propose the most appropriate investigative strategy for each particular situation.

Founded in 2004

Professionals: over 30 associates on the national territory

Over 4000 successful cases

Offices in Turin, Milan, Rome, London, New York

Global Presence:
direct correspondents in South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, East Europe

from Law Firms, from Companies, from Individuals and others

Investigative Psychology Division

IT Forensic Division

Security Management

UNI ISO 9011, ISO IEC 27001, UNI 10459:2017

The inquiries carried out by the Investigative Agency Dogma S.p.A. - Private Investigations and Security are managed in full compliance with the applicable Laws and the Consolidated Law on Public Security.

CODACONS, the Association for the Coordination of Consumer Associations, gave the technical approval for the Company Reliability Recognition to Gruppo Investigativo DOGMA S.r.l. - Private Investigations and Security.

The investigation agency DOGMA is authorized to carry out Private Investigations by the Italian Government and to conduct Defensive Investigations on behalf of party defenders in criminal trials under Art. 222 of the Decree Law no. 271 of 28/07/1989. The authorized agency's offices are in Milan, Turin and Rome. We have representative offices in London and New York.The activities that can be performed by an authorized investigative agency, in respect of Article 5 paragraph 1 of the Decree no. 269/2010, are:

The government authorization  for private investigations is from UTG of Turin.

Life poses questions.
NWe seek answers.

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