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Compliance Security

We ensure compliance with regulations in relation to security activities, such as the correct use of GPG services, concierge services, video surveillance and access control.

With regard to security, through the analysis of the processes involved, we evaluate compliance with the general obligations on risk reducing.

All companies are subject to risks when carrying out their activities. The possibility of causing damage to people and / or company assets derives mainly from the intensity of the threat and the vulnerability of the organization. In fact, each activity has intrinsic vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited by competitors, employees, customers, antagonistic subjects to carry out illicit and criminal actions with the result of causing damage (human, economic, financial, material, image and reputation) to company. Although these vulnerabilities cannot be completely eliminated, it is certainly useful to implement the protection systems in order to be able to reduce vulnerabilities to the minimum.

The safety of workers, as well as corporate assets, is a topic of fundamental importance that has always been debated. Law 626/94 was the first law that regulated the matter organically, declaring the employer responsible for the process of improving the safety of the workplace. With the reform introduced by Legislative Decree 81/08, the provisions contained in the previous law have been extended to all sectors. Furthermore, an adequate system of sanctions has been introduced in case of breach of the foreseen obligations and the inspection bodies have been strengthened. Although the subject is constantly evolving, it is now an aspect of primary importance for those involved in the management of a company.

The ever-increasing dangers, also due to the development of technology, require adequate prevention and resolution systems. In addition to the most classic concierge and surveillance services, the use of access control and video surveillance systems is now added.

With regard to the latter, the rights involved are different and conflicting: if on the one hand there is a need to protect workers and company assets by the employer, on the other hand there is the worker's right not to be controlled during work activity. The violation of the limits imposed by the legislator, can lead to heavy penalties for the employer. It is therefore essential to know and implement security measures in compliance with rules and regulations.

Dogma S.r.l. has specialized and specially trained personnel to assess the adequacy and suitability of the systems in charge of current regulations, maximizing the efficiency of the security systems used and avoiding the consequent and unpleasant sanctions.

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