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Investigative Technologies

Investigative Technologies

Dogma devotes a substantial percentage of its resources in research and development of the most suitable technologies to reach the objectives that customers aim at.

Over the years, on its own and in collaboration with producers, Dogma has developed innovative technologies to support investigative activities, intelligence and cyber security.

As part of electronic countermeasures, and in the identification "of any illegal interference in private life" (private or industrial spying), Dogma Investigative Group possesses professional certifications for research of interception devices and for security of information. The certifications were issued at the Center for Technical Security Research Electronics International in Algood, TN, United States of America - the world's most prestigious center of preparation for accredited government agencies and security companies.

Dogma has an exclusive semantic analysis system, dedicated to the selected acquisition of information from open sources.

The Division of Investigative Psychology uses predictive and threat analysis software that are used to support the activities of Security and Investigation.



  • Environmental clean-up and bugs removal
  • Cell recoveries
  • Forensic Investigations
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