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Investigative Psychology Division

Investigative Psychology Division

The first investigative agency in Italy to set up an Investigative Psychology Division

The Investigative Psychology Division is composed by a team of psychologists and private investigators, set up within a private detective agency. We employ modern investigative psychology techniques in support of traditional investigative activity (so-called typical investigations).

Investigative Psychology is the application of psychology to investigation. 

The fields in which Investigative Psychology is used are: 

  • criminal profiling, whose objective is to evaluate the socio-demographic characteristics and personality of an unknown author of a crime through the analysis of the crime scene; 
  • geographical profiling, whose objective is the delimitation of the probable area of ​​residence of a serial criminal; 
  • investigative interview, which consists of the use of psychological techniques to effectively conduct testimonies and interrogations on people suspected of a crime;
  • psychological autopsy, which aims at reconstructing the mental state of a deceased individual, in order to assess whether his death could be the result of a suicide; 
  • testimony evaluation, whose aim is to assess the reliability of a testimony and whether the personal recognition procedure (Article 213 of the Italian Civil Code) was carried out correctly;
  • analysis in case of missing persons, to provide case assessment and answers to the following questions: where can we find a teenager who has fled home? A minor has disappeared: escape, kidnapping or accident? How can we find the child taken away from one of the two parents?

Investigative Psychology Division

The Investigative Psychology Division employs investigative psychology in various investigative activities. Here below are some of the services offered by our Agency:


Business Profiling - (in Due Diligence)

Collection and analysis of information obtained from open sources, to draw up the psychological profile of the person who is the subject of reputational analysis.


Profiling in case of anonymous letters

Psychological analysis of written texts, in order to identify the author of anonymous letters.


Threat assessment (stalking)

Threat analysis, assessment of the impact on the life of the victim and stalker profiling, to allow the victim to provide some information on what behavior is best taken towards the stalker.

Collection of evidence of harassment, verifying the movements of the stalker (tailing, stalking, threats and similar actions). These evidences are of great importance in the case of a complaint and support the activities of the Judicial Authority.


Integrations of investigations

Integration of the results of the investigations with qualitative psychological profiling of the actors involved.


Investigative interview

Investigative interview can be used during an investigation undertaken, to find out how a problem has arisen within a company, for example as a tool to support internal or external audit functions. It can be useful to acquire more information, or to evaluate the victims and possibly the suspects of a certain event occurred in a company context.

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