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Violation of non-competition agreements

Violation of non-competition agreements

We acquire the necessary evidence to ascertain the violation of non-competition agreements.

The violation of the Non-Competition Agreement can cause economic damage to the former employer.

With the Non-Competition Agreement, the entrepreneur protects the assets, ideas and activities of his company, avoiding the hypothesis that the employee, once he exits the company, exports the methods of action, the working processes, any other information learned in it and the ideas, copying and exploiting them to open their own company or to use them in favor of another employer, who performs an activity in competition with that of the former employer.

Non-competition agreements determine that the employee is obliged, for a period after the termination of the employment relationship and upon payment of a fee, not to deal with business, on his own or third parties, in competition with the entrepreneur. In order to balance the opposing interests at stake which see on one hand the right of the employer not to be "attacked" by entrepreneurial activities undertaken by their employees and on the other, the competitive freedom of the latter, who have equal rights to exercise self-employment once the employment relationship has ceased and, in any case, to look for a new job, even in competition with the former employer, the non-competition agreements must have certain characteristics and respect different limits. However, they are not always respected, causing potential significant economic damage for the former employer.

In order to prevent critical situations, Dogma verifies that any non-competition agreements entered into are respected and, if there is a suspicion of a violation of the same by the former employee, it intervenes to identify the offender and stop the perpetration of the unfair conduct.

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