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Compliance with Privacy

Management of personal data processing in compliance with current regulations.

We ensure the processing of personal data processing in compliance with current regulations.

We ensure the correct management of privacy: from the collection of personal data, to processing and archiving, in order to comply with the highest standards of protection, avoiding violation of the rules for protection, also in light of the changes introduced by the European Regulation n. 679/2016.

The processing of personal data is one of the most sensitive aspects that companies are facing, due to the numerous interests at stake, including the possible violation of the right to privacy, and the serious legal consequences that may stem from it.

Although data processed are different and may have different degrees of sensitivity, they still need appropriate protections depending on the quantity and quality of the treatment.

With the entry into force of the new Regulation, clearer rules on disclosure and consent have been introduced, limits on automated processing of personal data have been defined, stricter criteria have been established for the transfer of data outside the EU and for cases of violation of personal data (so-called data breach).

It will therefore be necessary, for companies that process personal data, to take appropriate measures and verify that the rules implemented comply with the new provisions dictated by the European legislator.

Dogma S.r.l. possesses specialized and adequately trained staff to provide advice on the compliance with privacy of the measures adopted. Furthermore, Dogma verifies and indicates what changes are necessary to harmonize the regulations in force with the changes introduced by the Regulations.

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