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Thefts prevention

Thefts prevention

Analysis to minimize the risk of retail theft

Inventory differences represent a multidimensional threat to retailers around the world, as the phenomena of shoplifting, thefts by employees and organized crime activities are constantly increasing. These issues have made loss-prevention a priority within Retailer programs. Over the years, we have developed and tested effective methods to solve, at best, this serious business criticality.

The phenomenon of shoplifting is not perceived by the community as a crime, it has a low social condemnation and a high recidivism, despite having a fallout on the cost of products.

Dogma in collaboration with the Center of Forensic Science has created the first system in the world for the prevention and prevention of thefts in shopping centers (PRECRIM®).

Anticipating the future by elaborating the past through statistical analysis. The aim of the PRECRIM® project is to search for information useful for reducing inventory differences due to the phenomenon of shoplifting. This is done through crime analysis and crime mapping methods, successfully tested in theft and robbery offenses in urban contexts.

Crime analysis studies the trends and patterns of crimes, the socio-demographic variables and the modus operandi of the offenders. It elaborates descriptive and inferential statistics of the criminal events; studies what the most sensitive objectives are and what makes a sensitive and desirable target for an offender. I also analyses how to make that goal less vulnerable. Criminology, statistics, criminal psychology, investigative psychology are needed to conduct a crime analysis.

Crime mapping is an activity of geo-referencing of places and crimes, through specific software. Through this technique, we highlight the hot spots, which are the areas considered as the most affected by a certain type of crime.

Shopping centers can also include small cities. For this reason, crime analysis and crime mapping can be used as useful tools for the prevention of thefts in shopping centers.

Dogma is a founding member of the Italian Association of Commercial Crime Prevention (AIPCC). The AIPCC analyzes and implements actions to prevent the theft of goods displayed in shops. It promotes networking among stakeholders for the prevention and analysis of commercial crimes.

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