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The video of Dogma Investigative Agency Italy

We tell what we do, our values and the passion that we put in our mission.

Dogma Investigative Agency, knowledge partner of governmental agencies, companies and private citizens, opens its doors in order to show the origin of its successes in beyond 4.000 cases and it does so by telling its story, through images, in order to excite and communicate its passions.

The project was born from the intense collaboration with the All Around Factory communication agency who wanted to interpret the processes and the "missions" that Dogma face daily.

International, transparent and multidisciplinary: these are the pillars on which the professionalism of Dogma, an investigative agency founded in Turin in 2004, with offices in Milan, Rome, London and New York and an extensive network of collaborators to support investigative actions in any part of the world. 

“Reality poses questions. We search for answers” a simple claim that encases a world of values.
In the life of a company, a professional or a private citizen, there are moments in which knowing with certainty becomes fundamental and that’s why Dogma faces each case with an accurate specialist approach, the result of a scientific preparation, operational and legal knowledge.

Its passion, patient care of every detail, attention to the client’s needs make Dogma the ideal interpreter of the new landscape of private and corporate investigations.
In a constantly evolving and increasingly digitized environment Dogma shows to have all the necessary skills to respond in an appropriate manner to the latest challenges in the field of investigation, intelligence and security, thanks to the training of a highly qualified, multidisciplinary and technologically advanced staff.

A complex approach, based on professionalism and specialization, but above all an “Investigation Method”, based on concreteness and coherence, which always presupposes an extreme respect and ability to participate in the client’s problems, sharing them. Careful listening and a professional relationship based on trust and transparency.

Dogma S.p.A. is today a leading company in the field of investigation and owes its success to its strong vocation for innovation and continuous growth, to respond in the best possible way to customer requests and provide tailored investigation services based on high standards of transparency, confidentiality and sharing. “We continue to be the reference point in our Clients' decision-making strategies. We continue to inform, protect and advise those who turn to Dogma” - says Dimitri Russo, Dogma’s CEO - “Our services help to improve the professional and personal activity of our Clients without forgetting the human factor and the great passion that we put into our work, at the service of the customer.”


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Life poses questions.
NWe seek answers.

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