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Cyber Security for Business


Cyber Security for Business in the era of digital espionage

Cyber security is necessary to efficiently operate your business but it’s also critical for protecting your information. It play a significant role in making sure your company is protected.

What is Cyber Security?

Business cyber security or corporate cyber security represents all the means and technologies aimed at protecting a company’s computer systems, in terms of availability, confidentiality and integrity of assets or IT assets. Implementing consistent data protection strategies is crucial to the success of any company.

An Internal threat refers to a subject (a cracker, hacker or black hat), who is generally an employee or an official of a company, institution or agency. The term may also apply to an outside person under the false credentials of an employee or officer. Once access to IT systems or business networks has been obtained, the entity carries out activities aimed at harming the company.

Internal threats are often disgruntled employees or former employees who believe that the company, institution or agency has "hurt them" and feel justified in seeking revenge.

Harmful activities usually occur in four stages:

  • Firstly, the person obtains access to the enterprise computer system or network;
  • Secondly, the subject investigates the nature of the system or network of the company to know its vulnerable points and therefore figure out where to direct its attack to cause as much damage as possible with minimal effort;
  • Thirdly, the subject organizes and plans the attack;
  • Finally, the attack is launched.

Damages caused by an internal threat may take several forms, including:

  • introduction of viruses, worms, trojan horses;
  • theft of information or business secrets;
  • theft of money;
  • data corruption or deletion;
  • alteration of data to produce inconvenience or false criminal evidence;
  • theft of identity.

What Does Cyber Security Mean for Businesses?

The use of spyware and scanning programs, anti-virus programs, firewalls and internal firewalls, rigorous data backup as well as routine storage is not always sufficient.

What can the company do to mitigate the risk of internal threat?

  • Develop specific policies and procedures for the management of confidential or sensitive information. Employees should sign a form of recognition indicating that they have read the policies and understand their responsibilities.
  • Improve the training. Many private and public organizations believe that 30 minutes of general IT security training is enough for employees to know what to do in a given situation. However, a lack of specific knowledge of their responsibilities opens up the possibility of unintentional exposure or unauthorized access to protected information.
  • In addition to the heuristic risk assessments, it is essential for organizations to develop a safety study against an internal threat. Ensure that access to sensitive information is limited to the only necessary personnel. The most damaging impact on an organization can indeed be caused by an unsatisfied employee.

    In this case a Personality Profile (different and more detailed than the Behavioral Profiling, because it requires a decision by the employee) of individuals and/or personnel with access to sensitive information, would not only prevent the threat, but to also mitigate the risks of an attack.
  • It’s important to communicate and apply sanctions for security breaches. If there is no punishment for accessing or sharing information, people are more inclined to do so.

For example, hospitals have considerable problems with their employees, and medical record snooping is a widespread problem. Large hospitals or rehabilitation centers often face the problem of snooping for the medical records of celebrities and prominent public figures. An organization can suffer considerable financial and reputational damage if preventive verification measures are not taken.

  • Therefore monitoring the activity of employees and, especially, relevant individuals becomes imperative. In this way an easy detection of early warnings of any unusual activity can be ensured. To these it must be added the inevitable remediation and control activities.

To recap:

Our Investigative Agency could help you to protect your business security by providing:

  • Environmental reclamation, the Group owns T.I.S.P. System® (THREATS IDENTIFICATION and SECURITY PLAN). The innovative method that allows to know the threats and the safety issues of the places examined. The search for audio/video/data interception systems is associated with the safety criticality analysis procedure.

The T.I.S.P. System® method was born from the twenty-year experience of its creators in the field of electronic countermeasures and detection of bugs (c.d. bedbugs).

  • Internal Threats Assessment (which includes, in addition to the assessment of internal security, not only from the structural point of view but also from the personnel controlling employees who have access to sensitive information, also the psychological evaluation to identify criticalities not only of employees but also of the control function). 
  • Monitoring Systems: these too would go both ways, not only towards employees, but also towards those who control them. 
  • We develop, within the company organization, the most suitable Security Function to minimize the risks identified and carry out Security Management activities in outsourcing.
  • In the emergence of an internal threat, Dogma S.p.a. can intervene more easily in order to contain the crisis thanks to the information acquired in the Internal threat Assessment.
  • Our intervention aims to create a System of Management Business Security (ISM), in order to establish the principles that the business procedures will have to attain to in order to maintain the required standards, define roles and responsibilities, increase the security culture, optimize organizational structures for all aspects related to the safety of people, business assets, information and products.

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