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Private Detectives New York

Private Detective Agency New York

The investigation agency Dogma, a leader in the field of investigative agencies, has one of its offices in the heart of New York. Expert, Confidential and Certified Investigators. Evidence valid in court and immediate and free estimate.

Dogma has one of its offices in the heart of the city of New York. The Private Detective Agency Dogma is located in 3rd and 4th Floors, 57 West 57th Street - Manhattan - New York 10019 USA.

The authorized activities, with reference to art. 5 paragraph 1 of DM Decree 269/2010, are:

The government authorization number of the investigation agency is Prot. No. 48625/2015/wa/area1/ ter.

For costs and rates of the New York Investigation Agency you can refer to our section: investigative agency rates

Division in New York

Investigation Agency New York - DOGMA

3rd and 4th Floors, 57 West 57th Street - Manhattan 
New York 10019 USA 

Tel. +1 646 416 7897

Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00


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