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Artificial Intelligence applied to Investigations


Artificial Intelligence applied to Investigations

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world of digital investigations into an increasingly cybernetic reality. Robotics, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the Internet are all areas that investigators of today and tomorrow must know

Digital investigations have now finally been consolidated. Of course, there still are agents operating on the field, just like in movies. However, a real investigation can no longer be separated from a research activity carried out on the digital world.

When we comment on a photograph, register a website, or evaluate a network service, we are slowly creating our digital projection. The set of multiple information available online offers us a glimpse of the person we are, of our values, political inclinations and guidelines.

Just as in the real world, investigations can take place entirely on the online world. However, most of the time, it is within the interaction between the two realities - the real and the virtual one – that we find the greatest satisfaction, which then leads to the conclusion of our investigation.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Investigations 

It is from this starting point that we have made a step forward, talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to investigations. 

If companies like Facebook and Google are conducting research on the subject, China has installed "the most advanced video surveillance system in the world", with over 20 million street cameras functioning through AI. Technology, a sector that always moves on the precarious balance between respect for privacy and the need for security, was also used by the cities of Detroit and Boston in their fight against criminality. 

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence remains one of the technologies that is rapidly transforming the world of investigations into an increasingly cybernetic reality. Robotics, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Internet are all areas and tools we will have to interact with in the upcoming years. 

The borders within which to carry out an investigation have therefore been expanded and have reached territories that we must know how to move in. Just like the agent on the field, who must know the territory in order to conclude the investigation, we, in our capacities of investigators of today and tomorrow, will have to know how to interact with these areas. The risk? That of no longer being able to find the smoking gun. 

Dogma has an Intelligence Division which, through deep learning tools, is able to analyze and process data useful for investigations. 

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