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Dogma Sponsor of the 2019 Criminology Festival

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DOGMA S.p.A. Official Sponsor of the 2019 Criminology Festival

Dogma S.p.A. is Official Sponsor of the 2019 Criminology Festival, an event that will take place in Turin from 10 to 13 October 2019. At the centre the theme of the exploration of the dark parts of being, in the individual, society and history.

From 10 to 13 October 2019, the fourth edition of the Festival of criminology will take place in Turin. The event, born for the first time in 2016 and organized by “No.Crime association”, is aimed at both an audience of experts, interested in discovering and deepening new scenarios of crime research, and at simple fans of the matter, curious to know the most controversial and enigmatic aspects of criminal phenomena. 

At the centre of the multidisciplinary debate will be the theme of the exploration of the dark parts of being, understood as an individual as a part of society, through the analysis of the different variations of this phenomenon and therefore his criminal reflexes.

During the event will be analyzed the “dark mirrors”, hidden and enigmatic aspects present in the different areas of application of criminology and psychology, also in relation to their concrete demonstration in the commission of crimes. Focus will be on the dark side of personality and memory, with reference to amnesias in violent crimes, sexuality and the network, from cyberbullying to child catchers; will also be analyzed the dark mirror of the medical profession, in relation to c.d. “medical prisoners”, and the theme of evil genes, in addition to the “dark powers” operating in Italy in the 1970s, thanks to the contribution of journalists, historians, psychologists, teachers and many other professionals in the field. 

The event will also see this year the intervention of speakers of national and international reputation, belonging to different disciplines. Among the protagonists will be prominent personalities, such as Dr. Francesco Messina, Chief Criminal Investigator of the State Police, Dr. Giampietro Lago, Commander of RIS of Parma by the “Carabinieri”, Prof. Isabella Merzagora, president of the Italian Society of criminology, Valter Tucci, psychologist, geneticist and director of the laboratory of genetics and epigenetics of the behavior by the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa, Pablo Trincia, writer, journalist and author of the famous podcast of La Repubblica, and many other experts in different disciplines, so as to provide a 360° vision of the different topics covered. 

Dogma S.p.A., among the founders and official sponsor of the Festival, will participate in first person at the event, represented by Dr Katia Trevisan, Deputy Director and Legal counsel of the Agency, who will speak on the subject of contemporary obsession with telephones.
In particular, Dr. Trevisan will focus on the growing demand and importance of investigations aimed at verifying the security of phones, more and more sources of information and personal and sensitive data.

In an era of increasing technological evolution in fact, where most crimes are committed and made possible through the web, online propaganda and the use of increasingly advanced “dark technologies”, investigations require highly specialised technical skills and competences. In an increasingly digital world, Dogma S.p.A. devotes a substantial percentage of its resources to the recruitment and training of a highly qualified, multidisciplinary and technologically advanced staff.

The Agency’s investigative services often require a complex approach, characterised by professionalism and specialisation, involving preparation, method and collaboration.
In this sense, our staff is equipped with all the skills necessary to respond adequately to the latest challenges posed by the world of crime, intelligence and security.

To know the program of the Festival:

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