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International Conference of Detectives


93rd International Conference of Detectives

Dogma participates to the 93rd International Conference of Detectives

The 93rd edition of the International Investigators' Conference, an annual meeting organized by the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.) has just been launched. It will take place from 27 September to 1 October 2018 in Las Vegas (Nevada).

Objective of the meeting is the promotion of the highest standards of professionalism in the exercise of investigative activities, and the observance of the highest ethical values ​​of reliability, confidentiality, loyalty, integrity and transparency. Among the main issues, terrorism and drugs, privacy compliance and the concept of whistleblowing, all developed through practical exercises, interactive discussions, seminars and workshops.

The W.A.D., literally the World Association of Investigators, was founded in 1925 and constitutes the oldest and largest association of this kind. This Association consists of over 900 members, from 80 different countries in the world, specialized in the field of investigations and security. It works a meeting point and a hub for sharing experiences, with the aim of increasing relations and promoting cooperation among professionals.

The role of W.A.D. it is particularly useful, for example, if an investigation presents a transnational profile and involves different jurisdictions. Indeed, through the Association, it is possible to create or increase a network of certified and reliable partners. The aim is to develop and enhance a series of alliances and collaborations, typically cross-borders, among professionals established in the survey world.

With this in mind, Dogma s.r.l. will participate personally in the event and will engage in networking and searching for potential partners. The goal is to enlarge its team of experts, in order to always provide its customers with the excellence in the practicality and performance of all required services.

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