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New Office in London for Dogma


Dogma announces the opening of a new office in London

A new Office for Dogma, one of the first financial centers in the world.

A new Office, located in London, Canada Square n. 25, Level 33 (Canary Wharf) has just been inaugurated, thereby reflecting the broader strategy of growth pursued by Dogma s.r.l. and confirming its international vocation.

"We are happy to share this step of further growth for the company with our customers and friends" said Dimitri Russo, Administrator of Dogma. “We wanted to put in place our strategy of internationalization, as we believe that it is extremely important to perform investigative services also abroad, especially from a representative office located in one of the main commercial and financial center of Europe, not to say of the world. We intend to respond adequately to the phenomenon of globalization, by anticipating its effects in support of our customers. "

Dogma was founded in 2004, specializing in intelligence - intended as "knowledge" for those who need to make decisions – and, over the years, it has developed a best practice in corporate investigations (due diligence). Dogma is the first company in Italy to have set up a Division of Investigative Psychology and represents an important point of reference for investigative services in the field of labor law. Dogma is also the first Investigation Agency in the world to have developed a digital platform, which allows you to immediately activate an online investigation in a simple and confidential way, giving the customer the opportunity to act immediately, from anywhere.

Over time, the company has grown in the number of committed people and in its presence on the territory. The company is now composed by over 30 professionals and, from 2013 to 2018, its turnover increased of 79.5%. Furthermore, in 2018, in addition to the two Offices located in Turin and Milan, a new one was inaugurated in Rome. The high rate of growth reflects a strategy based on synergies, the choice of the best professionals and the launch of new services and projects, including the decision to set up a representative space in London, as a fundamental step to strengthen its leadership internationally.

"Being in London makes us proud and demonstrates the excellent work done by our Team” - continues Dimitri Russo. “Today we enter a more competitive context, in which we intend to take a leading role. We want to offer our customers a level of service unique on the market, without however forgetting the human factor and the passion for what we do, which will always remain the driving force of our work. "

"In the life of a company, of a professional or of a private citizen there are moments in which knowing with certainty becomes essential - says Katia Trevisan, Head of the Legal Division. “In this scenario, Dogma is the Partner for Knowledge, as we believe that only a careful and specialized approach, supported by technical knowledge and a solid scientific preparation, can provide the answers we are looking for. "

You can also activate your online investigation easily, securely and from anywhere. Find out how on the dedicated website.

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