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Today Investigative Group turns into Dogma


Today Investigative Group turns into Dogma

The company has embarked on a journey of renovation, beginning with a new logo.

Our new name refers to the “scientific dogma” which is an assertion assumed to be true and by virtue of which a theory is built.

A new name, then, and a new logo. This is the first significant redefinition of our identity in 13 years.

Years in which the company has grown, both in the number of people involved and in the presence on the territory: three national offices, Turin, Milan and the Embassy Office in Rome.

"We have a vocation for innovation," says Dimitri Russo, Dogma's Administrator. "The new identity is the symbol of our commitment to continuously evolve to respond to our Clients' requests as best as we can."

In addition to the well-established experience in Investigative and Intelligence activities, the Division of Investigative Psychology (the first of its kind in Italy) continues its activity and keeps growing. Furthermore, in the past years, new complementary services have been launched, among these Cyber ​​Security, Security Management and Organizational Compliance.

"We continue to be the point of reference for our Customers 'decision-making strategies. We continue to inform, protect and advise those who are addressing Dogma. Our activities help to improve our customers' professional and personal activities," explains Katia Trevisan, Legal Officer.

"Dogma has grown to become a multidisciplinary environment, our main resources being financial, legal, psychological and criminological competences, statistics, investigative and forensic science," adds Prof. Angelo Zappalà (Scientific Director of the Division of Investigative Psychology).

"We started with investigative activities, but we soon realized that they were not enough to meet the needs of our Clients. The recognition of the importance of organizational compliance and human factor, and the ability to analyze data, to conduct intelligence activities, and to use appropriate technological tools have been crucial for the growth of the company, " says Piero Provenzano, Head of Compliance Services.

You can also activate your online investigation easily, securely and from anywhere. Find out how on the dedicated website.

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