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The new Service "Activate an Investigation online" is now available

Dogma is the first Investigative Agency in the world to have set up a digital platform where customers can activate investigations online, in a simple, confidential and immediate way.

As of today, all our customers will be given the opportunity to activate a new service: the Online Investigative Service. 

Dogma is the first Investigative Agency in the world to have established a digital platform, which allows customers to immediately activate an investigation online, in a simple and confidential way, giving them the possibility to act immediately, wherever he or she is. 

To activate an investigation online, You can simply click on the button "Activate an Investigation online", which can be found in every page of our website By clicking on the said button, you will immediately connect with one of our operators who, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, will assist you in completing all the necessary steps of the investigation process. 

In particular, through precise coded passages, including the recognition of the Client’s identity and the application of his or her digital signature, the investigative assignment can be finalized in real time and the required online investigation can be started immediately.

With the introduction of this innovative service, Dogma stands out once again for its pioneering spirit and shows that it has great consideration for its customers' needs. The significant elements of this service are: the simplification of the process consisting in the request for a private investigation; the immediacy of the service; the possibility of acting from anywhere in compliance with the current regulations; and the maximum confidentiality.

"2019 will be a year full of news and growth" - says Dimitri Russo, Administrator of Dogma - "The provision of the service Activate an Investigation Online is part of our development strategy and testifies our constant commitment to respond to the needs of our customers, through customized solutions that are modern and highly competitive in terms of quality and investments".

The three guiding principles of this initiative are: the centrality of the customer, confidentiality and immediacy.

Activate Online Survey has never been so easy!

You can also activate your online investigation easily, securely and from anywhere. Find out how on the dedicated website.

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