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International Investigation Agency in Rome


An International Investigative Agency in Rome

With investigative offices in Rome, London and New York, Dogma is a reference point for investigative services in Italy and abroad

The headquarters of Rome, inaugurated in 2018 after Turin and Milan, turns one year and confirms the positive trend recorded by Dogma in recent years. Dogma has established itself on the territory of Rome as a reference point for individuals and companies, advising and constantly supporting its customers in decision-making strategies.

The high rate of growth reflects a strategy based on synergies, the collaboration of the best professionals and the launch of new services and projects, including also the choice of a representative space in London and New York, a key step to strengthen its international leadership, operating both in Italy and abroad. With an interdisciplinary and professional approach, without ever neglecting the human aspect, based on a concrete method, validated in years of experience in the investigative field, Dogma makes available to its clients expert investigators, consultants, forensic analysts, psychologists and criminologists, in order to contribute in meaningful way to improve the professional and personal activity of those who turn to our investigative agency. Dogma provides support and investigative advice for criminal, commercial and insurance investigations as well as private and corporate investigations. 

Below some of the services offered by our investigative agency in Rome:

  • False illness or accident: if there is a well-founded suspicion that the accident or illness complained of by the employee is false, the employer may apply to an investigative agency to verify the illegality of the conduct of his employee. In the event of a positive finding, the employer may order the unfaithful worker to be dismissed for a cause based on the evidence provided by the private investigator, which can be produced in court. 
  • Unfair competition and infringement of the non-compete clause: we help to protect assets and corporate image through accurate intelligence and operational activities to collect documentary and testimonial evidence to be used in court or out of court, protecting the company from concrete risks, such as acts of denigration, appropriation and, more generally, acts that do not conform to professional correctness. 
  • Company theft or sabotage: we conduct investigations in order to verify the dynamics of the theft or sabotage and to identify those responsible, also in anticipation of a dismissal for just cause. We also offer support and advice in order to provide adequate security measures to reduce the risks arising from events of an intentional nature. 
  • Investigations for the recovery of debt or assessments on the hereditary axis: we carry out asset investigation to ensure the assets of an entity or a company also in order to identify the part of assets to be attacked, such as movable property, real estate, charges or shareholdings, and any claims from third parties. 
  • Conjugal infidelity: it’s allowed to investigate the spouse in order to verify the possible infidelity or, more generally, the violations of marital obligations ex art. 143 cc. Ascertaining and documenting the marital infidelity of one’s partner can be very useful during the separation phase both to request a possible debit from the unfaithful spouse, and for the consequent economic requests. 
  • Investigations into the revision of the maintenance allowance: we carry out investigations in order to collect evidence to prove the real estate of the former spouse. In fact, if the maintenance allowance paid is not adequate in relation to the actual assets situation, it’s possible to rely on an investigative agency to ascertain and document the real economic and income situation, the standard of living and the existence of an activity, including an unofficial one, of the former spouse.
  • Minors control: parents can rely on an investigative agency to monitor their child in order to protect them from dangerous situations such as bad contacts, acts of bullying, alcohol abuse or drugs. 
  • Custody of children: where a parent considers that shared custody may cause harm to the child or that there are serious failures on the part of the other parent, he or she may apply for sole custody and, for this purpose, to a private investigator in order to prove the parental incapacity of the other parent. 
  • Defensive investigation: we conduct important criminal investigation activities providing valuable support to the lawyer to seek and identify evidence in favor of its client. These investigations can also be aimed at reopening a case or they can be carried out in a preventive manner, and this is a very useful tool for people offended by the crime.
  • Environmental and telephone reclamation: Dogma is the owner of the brand T.I.S.P. System® (TREATHS IDENTIFICATION and SECURITY PLAN), the innovative method that allows to know the threats and the safety criticalities present in the examined places. We carry out environmental and telephone reclamations for the search of interception devices and for the security of information.

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